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GreenShore Lawn Care: Eco-Friendly in Milwaukee

GreenShore Lawn Care MilwaukeeBeing the owner of one myself, I am a huge supporter of small businesses, particularly those that serve their local community.  And I really appreciate good service and being made to feel like I’m an important customer, even if I’m just one of many.  GreenShore Lawn Care in Milwaukee has the same attitude, and (bonus!) they use organic fertilizer.

GreenShore does organic lawn care and landscaping in the greater Milwaukee area.  Naturally, because they’re covered in the white stuff for half the year, they also do snow removal.  They provide services to both residential and commercial customers, and they do it with a smile!  They’ll even try to match you up with the workers you like best, so you’ll get the same folks every time, when possible.

Started by Jay Donelan, the company has been in business since 2005 and has been getting rave reviews from customers ever since.  Based on an adorable photo of his 3-year-old son helping volunteers spread mulch as part of a school beautification project, I would say the family business will continue to thrive for generations.  I certainly hope so, anyway.

If you live in the Milwaukee area and need help with organic lawn maintenance, check them out!



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