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More Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical Gardening with Plastic Bottles

When I was little, one of the many local places my grandma used to take me was the Potawatomi Conservatories in South Bend, Indiana. They’ve got a massive greenhouse with flowers from all over the world, a domed section full of desert plants, and my personal favorite when I was a kid, a koi pond with a little footbridge over it. I haven’t been there since I was a child, but one of my former elementary school classmates goes there (and a bunch of other South Bend/Mishawaka parks that I used to go to) and posts pics on her Facebook page. It’s wonderfully nostalgic for me and nice to see that many of these venues are still thriving.

She recently posted the above picture from the Potawatomi Conservatories and I thought it was a really cool way to re-purpose plastic bottles and create an artistic vertical garden, much like the one I highlighted in a previous post. You could grow herbs, veggies, flowers, even grass!

Well, apparently it’s a vertical gardening kind of day because I then saw an Inhabitat article about the Bali Ecological Center‘s innovative use of terra cotta to create a green wall. Interspersed with solid terra cotta bricks are hollow ones that can be used as planters. Terra cotta is not only a natural building material, it also provides an insulating effect to keep heat out. What a great idea for a garden wall or patio accent! For outdoor applications or partitions, planters can face both directions. Add this one to my wish list…

Green Wall


  1. I’m from South Bend, although I’ve lived in Idaho for 20 years. I never saw the conservatory! I guess because our boys wanted animals, not plants. It sounds really cool, though, and I like your ideas. Thanks, Anne

    • I grew up in Mishawaka and my grandmother used to take me there all the time. I also spent my fair share of time at the zoo! I haven’t been to either in years, but I’ll definitely swing by the conservatory next time I’m in town, they seem to be doing a lot of interesting programs there now. Thanks for your comments!


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