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Recycle Pallets as Garden Planters

Recycled Pallet Garden Planter

Courtesy of Homestead Survival

I saw this photo from Homestead Survival and just had to share it. I have actually been thinking about doing raised garden beds this year to expand our gardening space. Although there is plenty of room in the yard, there are so many rocks in the soil (I swear they grow!) it would be a pretty major undertaking. Plus, I would have to borrow or rent a roto-tiller, which is no easy task when there’s a ferry trip involved. Recycling a pallet as a planter could save me a lot of time and effort, and it provides automatic weed prevention between rows. So clever!


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  3. Great stuff- Thanks.
    I have been using pallets for 2 years- now and building up the bed to a 2 and 3 high set up(had flood problems)

    Top them off in off season with coffee grounds and compost and scratch in.
    Love the rows and weed reduction.

    Next project is 2 or 3 bin composter with pallets.

    • Looks interesting could you tell me how to get started using these as my vegetable beds?

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