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Good-n-Green Xeriscaping: An Alternative to Lawns

Xeriscaping employs native plantsFlorida is a notoriously difficult region for lawn care. Water can be limited, certain grass species are challenging to maintain, and high temperatures make it hard to keep your grass green. Using smart lawn care techniques like mowing high and watering infrequently and deeply can help keep your grass green in this tough climate. Organic fertilizers are also better because they won’t burn your lawn and it won’t become dependent on chemicals to stay green. However, perhaps the answer is not keeping your lawn green, but getting rid of it entirely.

One Florida company offers an alternative solution. In addition to lawn care services, Good-N-Green in Port Charlotte also provides Xeriscaping. What is this mysterious X word? Xeriscaping was founded on the principle that if you have to apply tons of water to keep a plant (like grass) alive and thriving in a dry climate, perhaps that is not the appropriate plant to grow in your region.

Good-N-Green cites an interesting statistic that is worth noting: Approximately one-half of the per capita water demand in urban areas of Florida is for residential outdoor use. This doesn’t mean showering and laundry and drinking water – it means sprinklers and hoses. That is a lot of water! Xeriscaping substitutes water-hungry grass and other plants with drought-tolerant native plants. They also look really nice and tend to be easier to maintain.

If you’re starting to get excited about xeriscaping, don’t go out and dig up your lawn just yet. Xeriscaping requires some planning and smart design, which is where companies like Good-N-Green come in. They can help you choose the right plants, design an effective irrigation system, and maintain your new xeriscape so it stays green and healthy while using much less water.

Florida is not the only area where xeriscaping is used; the practice was actually started in Colorado and has spread to several other states with dry climates or water limitations.

Yes, I sell lawn fertilizer, and yes, I want lots of people to buy it, but not at the expense of the environment. Not every area is well suited for lawns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing landscape. (Besides, GreenerGreenGrass liquid fertilizer is also awesome for plants because it is absorbed through the leaves, also known as foliar feeding). Just sayin’.


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