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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Shed

Gardening ShedWhen is the last time you cleaned out your shed? I’m going to plead no comment on that one… The universe seems to be driving me toward a post about sheds because my friend Sirena recently posted about updating her shed (she also gave us some link love – thanks!), then our trusty guest blogger Maire Hunter just sent me a post about gardening sheds and spring cleaning. Maybe I should be reading the signs… Or maybe all the crap piled in the shed is exactly where it’s supposed to be!

Anyway, enjoy Maire’s great advice on cleaning up your shed this spring. If you get inspired, check out Northwest Edible Life‘s fantastic post about putting a seed starting rack in your garage or shed.

Spring is here, and it’s time to clean out backyard sheds. If you are like most people, you dread looking inside your mini outdoor storage unit. Piled high with accumulated stuff like gardening supplies, home repair tools, sports equipment and lawn maintenance supplies, the overflowing mess intimidates you. You can barely see the back of the building let alone navigate its recesses where the landscaping and recreational items are stored.

This year, try a different approach. Enjoy an opportunity to bring order to your world and find long lost treasures. For added fun, make spring cleaning a family affair or invite friends to participate in this annual ritual with a spring barbecue reward at the end of the day. Find peace amidst the clutter when you clean out and organize your outdoor storage space.

Start by emptying the building. Remove the patio furniture, gardening tools, lawn mower, sports equipment and other stored items. Wipe off each item and sort them into piles to simplify inspection later in the day.

After removing everything, sweep the building’s ceiling, walls and floor with a broom. Remove cobwebs and wash windows. Spruce up its appearance by repairing any holes in the building or repainting the building. With a clean slate, you are ready to sort and organize your belongings.

While sorting items, decide what you will keep and what you can give away. Throw away outdated gardening products or broken tools. Donate gently used items to secondhand stores. Make room for the things you use and want to keep. Basketballs, baseball equipment and bicycles provide hours of summer entertainment if they are in good working order. While cleaning, inspect the sports equipment and outdoor toys. Write a list of items that need to be replaced or repaired before summer game time.

Arrange an organizational system to sort your necessities. Hang pegboards and hooks on the wall to hold the water hose, gardening tools, bicycles and tire pump. Designate a shelf for potting soil, mulch and flower planters. Mount baskets that hold balls and other outdoor toys. A separate area organizes power tools and home improvement supplies. With everything in its place, you can easily maintain your newly organized and clutter-free outdoor storage space.

Before returning items to their assigned spots, wipe them off with cleaning cloths and warm water. Attach the garden hose to your outdoor spigot to simplify the cleaning process. Set up the grill, fill the propane tank, wash the grilling tools and wipe off the lawn chairs and the patio furniture. Clean your stuff and prepare for backyard summer entertaining.

Clean sheds lift a load off your shoulders. Stop feeling guilty every time you think about the piles of stuff inside. Prevent injuring yourself as you struggle to navigate the growing pile of clutter. Save money when you can find the tools you need instead of buying duplicates. Create a clean, organized space where you can store outdoor necessities, maintain order and feel good about finding what you need all season.

Maire loves to blog on the behalf of Sears and other quality products as well as put together matching outfits to garden in.


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  2. If I had a shed this would be well timed because I’m sure I would not have gotten around to cleaning it yet. BUT I do have a garage, and a messy one at that. I’m going to bookmark this and refer back to it this weekend.🙂 Thanks!


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