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Fill in the Blank Colorful Friday

Fill in the Blank Colorful FridayWhen I first saw this week’s Fill in the Blank theme, I had flashbacks to my elementary school music class.  Part of the curriculum included singing songs in a foreign language and there was one we did in Spanish called De Colores.  Did anybody else have that same experience, or was it just our music teacher that did it?

Anyway, the theme this week is “Color”, so naturally I’ll be writing about GREEN.

What Does it Mean to be GREEN?

I spend a possibly abnormal amount of time thinking about GREEN Let’s face it, my world centers largely around grass and how to make it GREEN or keep it GREEN without being environmentally irresponsible.

And then there’s the environmental part of it – being GREEN.  Although I consider myself very GREEN, this is not a term I use loosely and I find myself getting very resentful when others throw it around like the unfortunate buzzword that it is.  Particularly when those others are large corporations that are doing it just to be PC.  Don’t get me wrong, not all companies that spew GREEN rhetoric are full of crap, but usually view them with a healthy dose of skepticism until I learn more.

Ok, forget the corporations… What does it mean to me to be GREEN?  For me, it’s primarily about intent, but also about actions.  Having spent a lot of time as an environmental activist, I have been very exposed to a Greener than Thou attitude that I find very distasteful.  I am not perfect.  I certainly have more of an impact on this planet than I would like to.  But I try to minimize that impact as much as possible without going to the extreme of living in a tent in the middle of nowhere.  I also try to stop short of judging those around me who don’t make the same environmental choices that I do.

So, to me being GREEN means doing my best to reduce my personal footprint on the planet and encouraging those around me to do the same, without being too forceful or judgmental.  However, I do draw the line at behaviors such as littering, dumping chemicals (I include spraying pesticides and chemical fertilizers in that phrase), burning tires, and  and other environmentally harmful actions.

What does being GREEN mean to you?



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